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HC-A Steel Fiber Applications

Our HC-A fibres are used in demanding applications in the steel, foundry, cement, aluminium, power, incineration, petrochemical, chemical, environmental and energy industries.

Steel Fibres for the Steel and Foundry Industries


  • Bricks

  • Casting funnels and spouts

  • Floor tiles

  • Furnaces (blast, reheat, roller hearth)

  • Rotary kilns

  • Steel ladle lip blocks and pig iron ladle lip blocks and side elements

  • Trough refractory (continuous casting launders, distribution/transfer/casting wheel troughs)

  • Tundish furniture (baffles, dams, weirs, striker pads, well blocks)

Steel Plant  AdobeStock_430692253.jpeg
Aluminium Furnace - AdobeStock_382329278.jpeg

Aluminium Industry


  • Lintels

  • Jambs

  • Sill and roof blocks around the charging doors of furnaces

Cement Industry


  • Damper blades

  • Firing pipes

  • Nose ring blocks

Cement Plant - AdobeStock_37211684.jpeg
Petrochem Plant - AdobeStock_62363310.jpeg

Petrochemical Industry


  • Risers

  • Transfer lines

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