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Our Products

Here, at Optimised Fibres International Ltd, our products are created with the highest quality steel and we are sure you will be satisfied with our products just like all of our customers.

Check out our standard dimensions below.


HC-A Ø 0.55 x ℓ 12mm HE - Popularly used for applications featuring dimensional constraints (eg. thermocouple protection sleeves, delta blocks for EDF furnaces) and for the various gunning techniques where pipe, pump and nozzle blockages do not occur. Packaging: 20kg bags - 960kgs/pallet

HC-A Ø 0.55 x ℓ 19mm HE - Popularly used as a method of increasing the number of fibres / kg.  Also used in gunning applications. Packaging: 20kg bags - 960kgs/pallet

HC-A Ø 0.55 x ℓ 25mm HE - This is our standard default fibre and is used in all major refractory industries. Packaging: 20kg bags - 960kgs/pallet

HC-A Ø 0.55 x ℓ 35mm HE - This fibre has a very high aspect ratio and is more difficult to mix and disperse homogenously however, as a more “voluminous” fibre, less weight will be required to fill a particular mould. It is therefore popular in high addition rate applications where costs are a major consideration. Also useful in applications in foundry work where it might be advantageous to reduce the volume of steel used to reinforce refractories. Packaging: 15kg bags - 720kgs/pallet

HC-A Ø 0.7 x ℓ 25mm HE - Popularly used for applications such as sill blocks in aluminium furnaces where there is considerable mechanical shock. Packaging: 20kg bags - 960kgs/pallet

HC-A Ø 0.7 x ℓ 35mm HE - The preferred choice for SIFCA-type applications (high fibre addition rates) and applications featuring mechanical shock. Many of our customers use 25% ratio of fibres in their high-quality mixes. Packaging: 20kg bags - 960kgs/pallet

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