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OPTIMISED FIBRES INTERNATIONAL LTD was founded in 2007 as Optimised Fibres Ltd and, with years of expertise and experience, we are proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. 

We specialise in the production of high-quality stainless steel fibres in our HC-A (High Chrome-Aluminium) alloy. 

Our fibres are designed to maximise the performance levels of refractories subjected to very high temperatures, thermal cycling, mechanical shock or exposure to aggressive atmospheres. 

We are making a meaningful contribution to the advancement of refractory technology worldwide!



Our HC-A steel fibres are manufactured from a high-temperature super alloy using the drawn-wire method. This approach ensures perfect homogeneity of the chemical composition and also permits the retention of the steel’s very high inherent tensile strength.

Anchorages are formed at the ends of each fibre to provide an excellent mechanical lock within the refractory.

Dimensional consistency and a clean finish are further features of these fibres which can be used in automatic production processes without the risk of “bird’s nest” blockages.

The fibres flow easily and disperse homogenously within the refractory matrix.


Our HC-A fibres have many recognised applications in the steel, foundry, cement, non-ferrous, power, incineration and petrochemical industries. 

Many developing “clean burn” technologies are based on process equipment being designed to operate at higher temperatures and pressures in an effort to increase efficiency and realise a significant overall reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.  

The outstanding technical performance of HC-A fibres is being used in many of these new and demanding applications.

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