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Enhancing Refractory Performance with Steel Fibres

The Intelligent Refractory Reinforcement Solution for Demanding Applications

Optimised Fibres International Ltd: Pioneering Steel Fibres for Refractories

Optimised Fibres International Ltd, formerly known as Optimised Fibres Ltd, has been at the forefront of refractory technology advancement since its establishment in 2007. Founded by Mr John Kynaston, the company's innovative HC-A (High Chrome-Aluminium) steel fibres have made a significant impact on the refractory industry worldwide. Under the leadership of Monica Woodcock and Alexander Morgan, who bring a combined 20 years of experience, Optimised Fibres International Ltd continues to serve clients from the United Kingdom and The Netherlands, with a strong presence in Europe, Nordic countries, Asia, Africa and North America.

Enhancing Refractory Performance Through Steel Fibre Reinforcement

Our high-quality stainless steel fibres are designed to maximise the performance of refractories exposed to the most demanding conditions, including extreme temperatures, thermal cycling, mechanical shock and aggressive atmospheres.

By incorporating our HC-A steel fibres, refractory manufacturers can produce outstanding components that surpass end-users' requirements for heat insulation, thermal stability and wear resistance. This, in turn, leads to lower maintenance costs and increased production efficiency across various industries, such as steel, foundry, cement, aluminium, power, incineration, petrochemical, environmental and energy.

Understanding Refractories: Applications and Materials


Refractories, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, play a crucial role in numerous industrial applications. From small, complex designs to massive precast blocks weighing tonnes, refractories are subjected to intense temperatures, chemical attack and mechanical stresses in manufacturing processes.

Refractories are used in many industries: steel and foundry, aluminium, cement and petrochemical among others.

The steel industry alone accounts for 70% of all refractory use. These essential components are employed to insulate processing equipment, minimise heat loss, line hot surfaces, and prevent structural deterioration. Refractories are produced from a combination of synthetic and natural materials, including minerals such as zirconia, alumina, bauxite, and dolomite.

The Vital Role of Steel Fibers in Refractory Reinforcement

Steel fibres play a critical role in preventing potential fractures and catastrophic failures in refractories. By reinforcing the refractory material, steel fibres significantly improve flexural strength and increase ductility. This enhancement contributes to the longevity of refractories used in applications subjected to mechanical shock, extreme temperatures, thermal cycling, and aggressive atmospheres.

The most common steel fibres' dimensions range from 0.2-0.7mm in diameter and 12-35mm in length, with the addition rate varying depending on the application and fiber size.

While a 4% addition rate by volume is common, some applications may require up to 25%, especially in high-quality mixes designed for applications featuring high mechanical shock.

Optimising Refractory Slab Performance with Steel Fiber Reinforcement

One of the most critical applications of steel fibres reinforced refractories is in the construction of refractory slabs. By incorporating steel fibres into the refractory mix, manufacturers can significantly enhance the performance and durability of these slabs.

The presence of steel fibres helps to bridge cracks, redistribute stresses, and improve the overall strength of the refractory material. This reinforcement allows for the creation of thinner, more lightweight slab designs, resulting in material savings and reduced installation time.

Moreover, steel fibre reinforced refractory slabs exhibit excellent resistance to thermal shock, mechanical stress, and erosion, making them ideal for use in the most demanding industrial environments.

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Anja, Germany

We have been working with Optimised Fibres for almost 10 years. The quality of the fibres is very good and has proven itself in our products. The customer service is always friendly and reliable."

Ready to Revolutionise Your Refractory Performance with HC-A Steel Fibre?

Contact us today and discover how our cutting-edge steel fibre products can enhance the strength, durability and efficiency of your refractory applications.


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