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HCA Steel Fibres Refractories Applications

Our HCA steel fibres are used in demanding applications in the steel, foundry, cement, aluminium, power, incineration, petrochemical, chemical, environmental and energy industries.

Steel Fibres for the Steel and Foundry Industries


  • Bricks

  • Casting funnels and spouts

  • Floor tiles

  • Furnaces (blast, reheat, roller hearth)

  • Rotary kilns

  • Steel ladle lip blocks and pig iron ladle lip blocks and side elements

  • Trough refractory (continuous casting launders, distribution/transfer/casting wheel troughs)

  • Tundish furniture (baffles, dams, weirs, striker pads, well blocks)

Steel Plant  AdobeStock_430692253.jpeg
Aluminium Furnace - AdobeStock_382329278.jpeg

Steel Fibres for the Aluminium Industry


  • Lintels

  • Jambs

  • Sill and roof blocks around the charging doors of furnaces

Steel Fibres for the Cement Industry


  • Damper blades

  • Firing pipes

  • Nose ring blocks

Cement Plant - AdobeStock_37211684.jpeg
Petrochem Plant - AdobeStock_62363310.jpeg

Steel Fibres for the Petrochemical Industry


  • Risers

  • Transfer lines

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